Diamond-E Framework in Strategic Planning Process

The Diamond-e framework is a pattern for strategic planning and analysis. In this paper, you will find the explanation of the diamond-e model, its use in strategic planning, and some examples. The study is based on the synthesis of three articles


The strategic plan enables organizational leaders to establish the goals of the business and come up with appropriate steps to realize them. Previously, organizations could formulate strategic plans for at least ten years. Today, they come up with plans that cover the utmost three years. Formulating a strategic plan involves numerous steps that are interdependent. It would be difficult for an organization to develop an effective strategic plan without the support of the leadership. Organizational leaders should consider both the long-term and short-term objectives of the firm when developing a strategic plan. Different scholars have diverse views regarding what entails strategic planning processes. They identify different steps that must be followed to come up with a successful strategic plan. Despite the disparities in the number of actions, all scholars agree on at least four key factors that are essential in the development of a strategic plan. The factors are interdependent, and the failure of one may hamper the success of the others.

The Diamond-E framework summarizes the factors as management preference, organization, resources, and environment. The strategic planning process must consider the interests of the leadership. It would be hard for the administration to support a strategic plan that does not meet their preferences. One should consider the organizational capacity when developing a strategic plan. A firm cannot implement a strategic plan that does not observe the correct management standards or is against corporate culture. Resources are paramount for the success of a strategic plan. Thus, a strategic planning process must factor in the resources that are at the disposal of an organization. Moreover, the process should comprise a comparison between the existing and required resources. One should be sure that an organization can bridge the resource gap before going on with the strategic planning process. Analyzing the environment of a business helps to determine the success of a strategic plan. Understanding the impacts of different environmental factors facilitates the strategic planning process. A strategic planning process should identify the challenges and opportunities that environmental forces pose to an organization. This reflection assignment will compare the Diamond-E template to different strategic planning processes.

Selecting Articles on Diamond-E Framework

The articles used in this essay are Strategic Planning Process: Nine Steps of Setting Proper Strategic Plan by iEduNote, Strategic Planning that Produces Real Strategy by Judah, O’Keeffe, Zehner, and Cummings, and Strategic Planning Process: Importance and Implications by Springfield. Numerous reasons contributed to the selection of the three sources. When choosing an article, it is imperative to consider the quality of writing. The article should be easy to understand and digest. The writing should be unambiguous, free of random, uncluttered, and pleasant to read. The three articles are of high quality. The writers have used simple words that are easy to read and comprehend. Additionally, the writing is uncluttered. All the articles have been written systematically. The authors have outlined the strategic planning processes starting from the initial to the final phase. Consequently, individuals with limited knowledge about strategic planning processes can use the articles without difficulties. Numerous scholarly journals discuss the steps of strategic planning processes. Thus, there is adequate peer-reviewed information regarding what entails strategic planning processes. When selecting an article, it is imperative to ensure that it contains accurate and authentic information. One should avoid articles with glaring inaccuracies as they can be misleading. The three articles were selected because they comprised accurate information. A comparison between the articles and existing peer-reviewed journals showed no inconsistencies. Some articles fail to highlight distinct essential facts, resulting in misinformation and inaccuracy. The three articles are written systematically without ignoring the information that might seem too obvious to many readers. The objective is to ensure that readers do not misconstrue the intended message.

It is imperative to understand the context of an article before using it to compile a report or essay. At times, articles may appear correct on the surface but turn out to be erroneous if their context is analyzed. Some articles may contain inaccurate statistical data or wrong messages. Thus, it is imperative to consider the broader context of an article before it is selected. The objective of this easy is to reflect on the viewpoints of different writers regarding strategic planning processes. The three articles have been chosen as their contexts are in line with the primary objective of the essay. The articles complement each other and comprise invaluable information about what entails strategic planning processes. The majority of online articles are developed through existing theoretical frameworks or theories. Others help to build existing frameworks. One should select an article that relates to an existing conceptual framework or contributes to advancing a current theory. The three articles are written in line with the Diamond-E framework. The article by iEduNote has identified nine phases of strategic planning processes. It can go a long way towards advancing the Diamond-E framework.

An excellent article should be focused on. The report must identify the goal that it aims to realize. For instance, the paper may intend to sway someone or explain the stages of doing something. An article that does not guide the reader towards the intended objective is insignificant. The three articles were selected because they are focused on. Their primary goals are to guide the users on how to formulate strategic plans. They outline the steps involved in strategic planning processes in a systematic manner such that it is easy for the reader not only to understand the procedures but also to use the articles to formulate a strategic plan. An excellent article should be compelling to attract the attention of the reader. Writers use appealing language, arguments, or captivating topics to attract readers. The article by Judah, O’Keeffe, Zehner, and Cummings was selected due to its attractive subject. Every entrepreneur would like to come up with a successful strategic plan. Thus, they cannot desist from reading an article that enlightens them on how to develop real strategies.

One should consider if an article offers insights into a significant issue. Moreover, the information contained in an article should be of great value to decision-makers. The three articles were selected because they provided invaluable information about strategic planning processes. The articles shed light on the issue of strategic planning, which is a major challenge to the majority of organizational leaders. Additionally, the information contained in the articles can help entrepreneurs to make long-term decisions that can be of significant value to their businesses.

Diamond-E Framework Analysis Based on the Articles

The article by iEduNote (2017) adds valuable information to the Diamond-E framework. The framework emphasizes the significance of considering four critical variables that influence the success of the organizational strategic plan. They include the organization, resources, environment, and management preferences. The model assumes that one has to have explicit knowledge of the company’s mission and strategic goals. Conversely, iEduNote (2017) emphasizes the importance of analyzing the prevailing conditions of an organization before embarking on strategic planning processes. The article states that management should consider the mission of the organization and the expectations of the key stakeholders. Moreover, it recommends an evaluation of the past strategic plans to identify their impacts on the organization. Strategic plans may influence decision-making, resulting in the creation of factions with vested interests, and affect resource allocation. Thus, it is imperative to consider them before starting the strategic planning process.

The Diamond-E framework recommends environmental and capability risk analysis to ensure that a strategic planning process considers the future changes in internal capacity and environmental transformations that might affect organizational performance. The framework does not outline a process that should be used to implement the strategic plan and make adjustments if necessary. On the other hand, the article recommends monitoring and adjusting the strategy under implementation to ensure that it meets the desired objectives. The article complements the Diamond-E framework. Just like the framework, the article highlights the significance of evaluating organizational capabilities, internal and external environmental factors that might affect business, and available and missing resources. The article underlines the importance of ensuring that these variables align with the organizational strategy. Similarly, the Diamond-E framework underscores the significance of consistency to guarantee the success of the strategic plan. iEduNote (2017) emphasizes the importance of ensuring that the strategic planning processes pay attention to the interrelationship between the different variables that promote organizational success. The article raises the question of the significance of management preference in the strategic planning process. For instance, it does not regard management choice as an essential attribute to consider when formulating a strategic plan. Instead, the article insists that the strategic planning process should consider the mission, vision, and objectives of the business.

A theoretical framework that outlines the steps in the strategic planning process ought to be comprehensive. The article by iEduNote (2017) brings out the strengths and weaknesses of the Diamond-E framework. It confirms that the structure puts into consideration the essential variables, which impact the formulation and implementation of strategic plans. Just like the framework, the article accentuates the significance of evaluating the internal and external environment and organizational capabilities in the course of the strategic planning process. Personal interests should not interfere with the strategic planning process. The article disregards management preference as a significant factor in strategic planning. A major weakness of the Diamond-E framework is the inclusion of the management choices as a variable that influences strategic planning processes. Conflicting interests amid the managers may hamper the effective formulation and implementation of the strategic plan.

According to Judah, O’Keeffe, Zehner, and Cummings (2016), a strategic planning process must fulfill three essential parameters, which are adaptability, bold ambition, and concrete guidance. The article by Judah et al. (2016) augments the Diamond-E framework by introducing the idea of bold ambition in the strategic planning process. However, it warns that the goal must be feasible. While the Diamond-E framework recommends the consideration of organizational financial capabilities during the strategic planning process, the article argues that budgeting should be done independently. It claims that running the strategic planning process separately gives managers adequate time to evaluate critical factors like business conditions, competitive dynamics, and consumer needs. Judah et al. (2016) argue that the strategic planning process should be conducted in the first quarter of every year. While the Diamond-E framework recommends consideration of the linkage between organization and strategy, the article by Judah et al. (2016) insists on treating the two variables separately.

The article raises the question about the effectiveness of management preference in formulating a successful strategic plan. The diamond-E framework suggests that strategists should pay attention to the interests of the management when formulating a strategic plan. On the other hand, Judah et al. (2016) argue that consideration of the directorate’s preferences results in the formulation of a strategic plan that lacks genuine customer insight. Such a strategy is difficult to implement. The article suggests that analysts and planners should assume the responsibility of formulating strategic plans and must operate independently without interference by the management. It argues that the strategic planning process should consider the input of those close to the customers. The Diamond-E framework advocates consideration of organizational resources during the strategic planning process. The planners should have precise information about the available and missing resources. On the other hand, Judah et al. (2016) contrast the framework. They propose a biased allocation of resources in an organization. They argue that a strategic planning process should focus on devising ways to redeploy available resources to essential opportunities.

The Diamond-E framework does not give information about when to make strategic decisions. The majority of the strategic planning processes do not leave room for “free-flowing debate outside of the annual planning window, which is typically formal and jam-packed with other priorities” (Judah et al., 2016, par. 11). Judah et al. (2016) argue that organizations must do away with the traditional annual planning cycles to keep pace with the changing environmental forces. Organizational needs should influence the strategic planning processes. The article complements the Diamond-E framework on the significance of considering environmental factors in strategic planning processes. It holds that the factors should influence the strategic programs that a business initiates. It argues that environmental factors may result in a cut off amid the strategic needs and the necessary resources. Thus, a strategic planning process should be a continuous and flexible endeavor to accommodate the changing environmental factors.

The article by Judah et al. (2016) clarifies the weaknesses of the Diamond-E framework. The framework acknowledges management preference as an essential variable that should be considered in strategic planning processes. Nevertheless, it does not appreciate that considering management preferences hampers the capacity to come up with an effective strategic plan. It hinders a company’s ability to meet consumer needs entirely. Judah et al. (2016) advise that the interests of the management should not interfere with the organization’s strategic plan. Thus, the role of the strategic planning process should be left to planners and front-line employees who understand the needs of the target customers. Moreover, the Diamond-E framework suggests consideration of organizational resources when formulating a strategic plan. Conversely, Judah et al. (2016) argue that resources should not hinder a company’s capacity to develop a robust strategic plan. Instead, the organization should allocate resources selectively depending on the significance of the projects.

The article by Springfield (2017) augments the Diamond-E framework. The framework holds that a strategic planning process should consider the financial ability of the organization. Considering the resources that an organization has helps to develop a feasible strategic plan. Springfield (2017) underscores the significance of considering the interests and capabilities of the organization when developing a strategic plan. It enables planners to come up with a strategic plan that does not only meet the needs of the business but also falls within its financial capabilities. Diamond-E framework cites environmental factors as a critical variable that influences the success of a strategic plan. The framework underscores the need to guarantee consistency between organizational strategy and environmental forces. Similarly, Springfield (2017) stresses the importance of ensuring that there is a connection between environmental forces and corporate strategy. Strategic planners should make sure that they consider market conditions when developing a strategic plan. The strategic planning process should anticipate potential changes in the external forces that influence business and come up with a contingency plan.

Springfield (2017) contradicts the Diamond-E framework regarding preferences. The structure suggests consideration of management preferences in the course of the strategic planning process. It would ensure that the developed strategic plan receives the full support of the management. On the other hand, Springfield (2017) believes that strategic planners should consider the interests and preferences of consumers. In other words, consumer preferences should guide strategic planners in developing policies, guidelines, procedures, and tasks that a firm should observe to realize its objectives.

Springfield (2017) confirms the strengths and weaknesses of the Diamond-E framework. The article highlights organizational resources, interests, and environment as essential variables that should be considered during strategic planning processes. It outlines the significance of each variable to the strategic plan. Similarly, the Diamond-E framework acknowledges the value and influence of these variables on organizational strategy. The framework insists on making sure that there is consistency between the variables and the strategic plan. The elaboration of these variables by Springfield (2017) is an affirmation that the Diamond-E framework covers the essential attributes that influence strategic planning processes comprehensively. On the other hand, the article clarifies one weakness of the Diamond-E framework. The framework emphasizes the importance of consistency between strategy and management preferences. It fails to acknowledge that the management choice may not correspond to consumers’ interests and market conditions. A strategic plan should enable a business to meet customer demands and respond to dynamic market conditions. Thus, a strategic planning process should consider consumer interests rather than pay a lot of attention to management preferences.

Diamond-E Framework Analysis Synthesis

The assignment has been an invaluable eye-opener on the significance of organizational strategy, strategic planning, and the Diamond-E template. Previously, I believed that corporate strategy facilitated the realization of organizational goals only. However, after the assignment, I understood that Strategy determines the viability of the business. It dictates if an organization will recruit and retain experienced workers. Employees prefer to work in an organization with well-defined goals, vision, mission, and an explicit strategy to achieve them. Previously, I regarded strategic planning as a process that enabled the business to formulate ways to achieve its strategic goals. After the assignment, I now appreciate the role of strategic planning in ensuring that there is consistency between organizational resources and business strategy. Additionally, the task has enabled me to realize the importance of strategic planning in unlocking the underutilized resources. The assignment reveals the significance of the Diamond-E template in enabling organizations to develop effective strategic plans. In the past, I acknowledged the importance of environment, organizational resources, and management preferences in the success of the business. The Diamond-E template has helped me to understand their significance in strategic planning processes.

The assignment has helped me to figure out why most organizations fail to achieve the objectives of their strategic plans. I have learned that a strategy should be flexible to accommodate changes in the internal and external environment. Sadly, many organizations do not formulate flexible strategies. The Diamond-E template has helped me to appreciate the crucial stages that entail strategic planning processes. For instance, it has made me acknowledge the significance of conducting an environmental scan before embarking on a strategic planning process. Moreover, I have understood the importance of ensuring that there is consistency or alignment amid the variables that impact organizational strategy. I have learned that even though the consideration of management preferences and corporate resources is paramount to the strategic planning process, it should not hinder the planners’ capacity to develop a feasible and efficient strategy. Resource allocation should be done selectively according to the value of the strategy to an organization.

From the assignment, it is evident that the Diamond-E template does more than just identifying the variables that impact organizational strategy and strategic planning processes. I have learned that a template is an essential tool for evaluating an existing strategy. Strategic planners can use the Diamond-E template to come up with strategic proposals and novel ideas that might help to boost a business strategy. The assignment has taught me that in the case of inconsistency between a strategy and organization, the management should not change the former. Instead, it should endeavor to transform an organization to suit the formulated strategy. The management should avail the essential resources to enable an organization to implement a formulated strategy. The assignment has taught me that no single strategic planning process applies to all organizations. Instead, individual businesses ought to modify existing strategic planning templates to suit their needs.


Some variables that influence the strategic planning processes include management preferences, organization, resources, and environment. Strategic planners should ensure that there is consistency between these variables and organizational strategy. Lack of coherence may fail a strategic plan, which could be costly to the business. The Diamond-E framework outlines the steps that entail strategic planning processes. They include environmental scanning and organizational analysis. Economists and business intellectuals identify different phases of strategic planning processes. The existing literature on the strategic planning process underscores the significance of environmental examination to ensure that a strategy aligns with external and internal forces of business. While the Diamond-E framework recommends the consideration of management preferences in strategic planning processes, other articles advise planners to pay attention to consumer needs. They argue that conflict in management preferences may result in business formulating a strategy that does not satisfy market conditions. This assignment has helped me to understand the concepts of strategic planning process and strategy. It has also enabled me to appreciate the importance of the Diamond-E template in strategic planning processes. The assignment has helped me understand the importance of ensuring that there is consistency between strategy and environment, resources, organization, and management preferences. Additionally, I have learned that resources should not be a major impediment to the formulation of an effective strategic plan.


iEduNote (2017). Strategic planning process: Nine steps of setting proper strategic plan. Web.

Judah, M., O’Keeffe, D., Zehner, D., & Cummings, L. (2016). Strategic planning that produces real strategy. Web.

Springfield, R. (2017). Strategic planning process: Importance and implications. Web.

Appendix A

Strategic planning process has 9 steps to make effective use of human and material resources of organization for achieving objectives of organization.

Strategy is the sum of determining the purpose or mission and the basic long-term objectives of an enterprise, and the adoption of courses of action and allocation of resources necessary to achieve these aims.

It covers several steps, starting from the initial examination of the current state of affairs, through the preparation of a plan and down to the final checks on how the plan is affecting daily performance.


Appendix B

The email arrives and your jaw clenches: It’s planning time again and there’s nothing you can do about it. No matter what else is on your plate, you know that the next month or so will be dominated by filling out templates and sitting through endless planning sessions. The irony is that you have some strategic ideas you’re really excited about but you figure you’ll have to work the back channels to get them in front of the right people. Previous experience has taught you that your company’s formal planning process is where the best ideas go to die.


Appendix C

The strategic plan is important in the development of any business organization. The strategic plan provides basis for the activities in the business, thereby significantly impacting the performance of these activities and the performance of the entire organization. Some of the most important aspects of strategic planning include the vision, mission, values and the strategy used in the organization of interest. In addition, other factors in the strategic planning activity of the organization include the timeliness of the strategies, as well as variables like the business situation, the available courses of action, and the desired outcomes.


Tesco Company’s Customer Relationship Management System


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